Musical Armenia Program (MAP)


Learn about an ancient musical tradition
during an unforgettable summer in Yerevan

Program Description
While living in Yerevan, participants take master classes and go to specialized lectures, train and network with top musicians, perform at local venues, attend concerts and festivals, and establish professional connections.

Through organized activities and country-wide tours, MAP artists go beyond the classroom and concert halls, discovering the sights and sounds that inspire them.

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MAPโ€™s one-on-one lessons with world-renowned artists focus on:

  • Western classical and Armenian traditional instruments
  • Composition
  • Conducting
  • Vocal training

MAPโ€™s workshops cover the history of Armenian music, including:

  • Ancient notational system (khaz)
  • Armenian composers of the Ottoman Empire
  • Classical
  • Contemporary
  • Dance
  • Medieval
  • Minstrel (ashugh)
  • Soviet
  • Spiritual
  • Jazz

Dates and Deadlines
Program Dates: July 10 โ€“ July 30, 2017
Application Deadline: May 15, 2017
Notification of Acceptance: May 19, 2017
Financial Aid Deadline: June 5, 2017

Program Packages and Pricing

MAP applicants may choose from one of three customized packages.
The application fee for each package is $50.
Financial aid is available only for applicants to the Full Immersion with Housing Package.
Please note that the fees do not include airfare. Applicants are responsible for securing their own transportation.

Full Immersion with Housing -> $1,500

  • Open to applicants ages 18+
  • Includes housing in an AGBU residence in Yerevan
  • Includes all MAP courses, lectures and activities, as well as local transportation, and select meals

Full Immersion without Housing -> $1,000

  • Open to applicants ages 15 and up
  • Includes all MAP courses, lectures and activities
  • Participants are responsible for securing their own housing

MAP Lecture Series-> $300

  • Enroll in a series of 14 lectures on the history of Armenian music
  • Select MAP activities and tours are available for an additional cost
  • Open to applicants ages 15 and over
  • Does NOT include all MAP activities.
  • Lecture Series participants are responsible for securing their own housing.


Program Eligibility

– ย All applicants applying to Full Immersion must have training as instrumentalists or vocalists, or in composition and conducting (no musical training is required to participate in the MAP Lecture Series).
– Program is open to professional and amateur musicians.
– Ages 15 and up.
– MAP is open to applicants of all nationalities and heritages.
– Applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by and reside with a legal guardian throughout the duration of the program

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